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What do you want to say?

Marian Masoliver Director/Teacher of The Actors Space

In an era where the ‘do it your self’ is possible and happening more and more, I ask a question to creators of Theatre and Film: What do you want to say? And, does it come across? It is an obvious question but let’s think about it: I am going to be putting a lot of energy, time and money in a project that will be, hopefully, received by an audience. I need to consider them! Is it interesting and is it understandable?

As the late great script writer Blake Snyder used to say “a film script should be understandable by a cave man”, Ugg…!!!

It was a privilege to host Blake when he came to run a Script Writing workshop at The Actors Space in 2008. See ‘Save the Cat’, his practical book on script writing structure.

The question ‘what do you want to say?’ is an important one. And more so these days, there is so much to say!!! Theatre and Film has always acted as a mirror of life itself.  What is going on? What do we need to think about? What are the priorities of a Human Being? Simple but so important…

One cannot separate acting from writing and directing. We call it the Creative Triangle, a powerful principle…

There are only some places left on the International Theatre and Film Acting workshops at The Actors Space