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It’ s time to celebrate!

Marian Masoliver

With so much bad news in the world the only way to counter it is to focus on the good!!! Why do we need to tangle ourselves on all sorts of absurd problems? What has happened? (as you might have guessed I just read the paper, you see, part of me wants to be informed of what is going on of course, but I must admit that every time I read the paper I regret it!)

Have we not got enough reasons to celebrate? Reasons like Love, kindness, Respect, Beauty, Nature, Children, Life?…

Here is a video about two shows I just directed

Read about what Hannah Mulder director/writer from The Wrong Crowd has to say about The Actors Space

Hannah Mulder

‘I spent three consecutive summers in the glorious world of the Actors Space learning mask, clowning and on the “Acting for Camera” course, which was paradoxically the place where I first tried my hand at writing a script. Working with Marian and Simon was the experience that reminded me what I was meant to be doing with my life! The simple mantra that is “Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy” has stayed with me and so much about their sheer joy, sensitivity, wonder, playfulness and also their robust analysis of what makes good theatre continues to inform what I’m up to. I can’t thank them enough for the open-hearted, crazy, joyful world that they create up in their Spanish hills for people to take risks, discover and figure out what it’s all about’.

See the dates of the Wrong Crowd new show ‘The Girl with the Iron Claws’ touring in the U.K and Ireland later in July. Don’t miss it!