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Some acting tips that you will hear from us when you come to The Actors Space (just some…)

Be subtle, connect with the truth and find the depth… Don’t “act”. Whenever someone “acts” it is visible and the audience doesn’t buy it. Remember to listen to the other character (or the space…), this will CONNECT you inside and outside. And of course, STUDY the scene. Who is this character? What do they WANT? What is the OBSTACLE that is not letting them get what they want? What are the antagonistic forces – let them push and pull the character. Look for the conflicts and let the character live in the uncomfortableness. Put the character in the most uncomfortable position and there will be Drama or Comedy (just depending on the register you will play in, or the Play is in).

Actors Space 09

Actor Space

During The Creative Actor Workshop

Less is more. If in doubt do less. Listen. Be in the space. Connect with what is going on. Trust. Don’t “look” for the feeling, the feeling IS there. Trust…


During the Screen Acting Workshop

Some places still available on these Summer International Theatre & Film Workshops

For more information contact info@actors-space.org


The Workshops season at The Actors Space

Marian Masoliver

Yupiii! The workshop season has started at the Actors Space. The Creative Actor workshop is in full bloom. 16 participants from Spain, Ireland, U.K, Germany, Australia, Portugal and Lebanon have been exploring the Neutral Mask this week. It has been beautiful. And next week we move into the world of full Expressive Masks, and Half Masks!!! On the break right now and I cannot wait! It will be fun…

This wonderful workshop will be followed by The Acting for Camera workshop, The Clown workshop and the Directing Performance workshop (still places left on that one). Summers in my house become a boiling pot of creativity, cooked and spiced by wonderful human beings of all ages and all places. I feel privileged. Or even more than privileged, it is magical.

This is the trailer for the short Film ‘Sugar Girl’, directed by Bruno Simões. Bruno did the Directing Performance workshop with us along with Alice Cozza who plays the main female part and Jacob Woods who also worked in the film. 3 wonderful creators that met here at The Actors Space while in one of our workshops.

There are still some Awards available for those that need them (which means that you can do this workshops for as little as 510€ for the two weeks and this includes accommodation and food. It is a great opportunity!). If you want to find out about the workshops and what they offer click here.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing have a great summer (and a great autumn, winter, year…life!)

Enjoy the trailer, well done Bruno! Cannot wait to see the whole film!