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Help & FAQ


Here’s some helpful answers to commonly asked questions and queries that come up. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, don’t worry – just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.


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Q- What is the situation at The Actors Space regarding COVID-19?

Please see COVID-19.

Q- How come the course prices are so competitive?

We are able to provide high quality, internationally acclaimed in-depth training at these prices because uniquely, we don’t need to hire a training venue and accommodation – it’s all here on-site. So we pass these savings on to you.!  : )

Q- How do I book a workshop?

1) Select the page for the workshop you want
2) In the blue box, fill in your name and email and click ‘BOOK’
3) You’ll then be forwarded to a payment page where you can safely and securely pay your 80€ deposit. You don’t even need to have a PayPal account to do this.

Once your deposit is paid, The Actors Space will request some additional information to help process your booking. Confirmation of your place on the course will be sent to you by email promptly.

Q- How do I get to Actors Space?

Full info on travel options can be found here.

Q- When are the arrival/departure dates and times of each workshop?

The publicised dates for all workshops include arrival and departure.  There are two pick-ups from the train station in Vic (located right next to the bus station) on each arrival day:
– 16.20 pm
– 18.20 pm

If these pick up times don’t suit your travel arrangements you will need to come here by taxi (each taxi trip costs around 12€ and taxis are located right in front of the train station. They all know where we are). If you intend to arrive by taxi please let us know.

Please note that it is not possible to arrive at The Actors Space before 16.00 pm and after 23 pm.

On the arrival day an evening meal is provided (around 19 pm) and there is introductory meeting with everyone @ 20 pm.

On each departure date we take all the participants to the train station in Vic at 10.30am in the morning. If you need to take a train before that we can help you book a taxi.

Q- How much is the train/bus fare to get to Vic?

From Barcelona airport to Vic (via Barcelona Sants) the train fare costs around 8€. There is no need to buy tickets in advance (you can just get it at the airport train station). The bus fare from Girona airport to Vic costs around 8€.

Q – What should I bring with me?

Apart from the obvious things like enough pairs of pants…
Cool loose movement clothes (essential)
Indoor studio shoes (or you can go barefoot in the studio)
Sun cream and sunhat
Bathroom Towels
Insect repellent
A note pad & pens
Your passport!!!!!!!!
And whatever you need if you have a specific dietary requirement (read ‘meals and menu’ section).

Q – What’s a typical day like on a course?

A typical day runs like this:

Morning: Breakfast
First sessions run from 9.30am to 1pm (with a break)
Lunch is at 1.30pm (time to rest or swim)
Afternoon sessions run from 3.30pm to 7pm
Dinner is served at 7.30pm (time to socialise and enjoy the beautiful surroundings)


Q – What’s the weather like?

We usually enjoy plenty of sunshine with average temperatures varying between 18 degrees Celsius (min. night temp) and 35 degrees Celsius ( temp). From mid August the evenings and mornings can be are fresh so a jumper is useful.



Q- What is the accommodation like?

The accommodation is shared with double rooms and two triple rooms. The bathrooms are shared (there is one ensuite bathroom on one of the triple rooms).  There is one single room, this room has an extra cost of 100€ and it is often in high demand. All rooms have their own bedding and are nicely decorated.

Q- Which meals are provided and what’s on the menu?

At the Actors Space we provide healthy, good and ethical food catered to the needs of the participants that guarantees energy and a full tummy!

Breakfast. This is presented in a “buffet” style with typical breakfast foods such as cereal, freshly-baked homemade sourdough bread (participants love it, yay!), fresh local goats cheese, homemade jam, peanut butter, butter, honey, yoghurt and fruit as well as a range of teas, coffee, fresh local cow’s milk and vegan alternatives and fruit juice.

Lunch and dinner. The dishes cooked up for lunch and dinner will be usually vegan, except for fresh local eggs on some occasions, i.e: Spanish Omelet or Potato Salad with boiled eggs. Here is an example for a lunch: Pumpkin soup, well stuffed “Fajita” style raps with vegetables, pulses and sauce, quinoa salad, crunchy watermelon or pudding. Dinner: stuffed aubergine with tofu, roasted roots and tubers with peanut sauce and apple crumble. Fresh green salad and home made bread is always available for lunch and dinner.

Snacks and beverages. There are yummy homemade snacks and fresh beverages available at all times: energy balls, flapjacks, breadsticks, nuts and fruit; Lemonade, appleade, kombucha, craft beer, wine…

If you are a casual meat/fish/dairy eater, we kindly ask you to give the (mostly) vegan food we provide a try during the week, I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised!!!

If you think it is not possible for you to go without eating meat/fish during the workshop,  we will be happy to work out a way to fulfil your needs while respecting our ethical policies. Overall, we want you to be well 🙂

Q- I have special dietary requirements, what do I do?

We do cater for any other non-flexible dietary requirements (coeliac, allergies, etc.). However, any other requirements will be your responsibility. Please, make sure you bring whatever you need.

Q- How far is the nearest shop to The Actors Space?

The nearest shop is in Vic, 15 minute ride in the car from The Actors Space. We advise you to come with whatever additional supplies you need at least for the first three days of the workshops.

Q- Is there Wifi?

Yes. Please note that in bad weather conditions the connection can sometimes be slow.

Q- Is there a washing machine?

Yes. It does 9 kg loads and there is a charge of 2€ to use the washing machine. Participants can share loads.

Q- Is there a printer?


Q- What happens during the day break?

Each workshop has a day break (usually on the 4th day). Participants are welcome to stay at The Actors Space during the break. Please note that meals are not included but participants can use the kitchen. Normally people that stay during the break do a big shop in town and cook amongst themselves. Some groups of people visit Barcelona and other nearby places. The Costa Brava and Pyrenees are within easy reach.

Q- Can I invite a friend to stay over the break?

Sorry, no. The accommodation is limited to those attending courses.

Q- If I do more than one workshop, can I stay between workshops?

Yes you can. There is a charge of 25€ per night to cover costs if staying between workshops (self-catering). Pay at arrival.

Q – What happens when it’s time to go?

We all have a big hug! : )  Participants leave on the morning of the last day. We take everyone to the train station in Vic at 10.30am in the morning or a bit later. If you need to take a train before that we can help you book a taxi.

Q – Can you recommend any quiet and affordable hotels in Barcelona and/or Vic?

In nearby Vic: The ‘Estació del Nord’ hotel is right next to the train station and very near the town centre, alternatively you can check this link for all accommodation in Vic:

In Barcelona: There is a good website of a guest house which is very well located: Please note that we haven’t slept in these guest houses before (so if you do please give us feedback).

Q- Which places would you recommend visiting while I’m in the area or during the break?

Barcelona is a great city to visit and there’s always loads going on that we can’t possibly summarise here. However, it can be hot in the summer! It has a nice beach, several marinas and loads of interesting museums and architecture like:
The Picasso museum:
The ‘Fundació Joan Miró (a great Catalan artist):
This is the Barcelona Tourism website: were you can find themed routes like the Gaudí route. The open topped tourist busses are a great way to site-see and the Metro is easy to use.

If you’re into nature ‘La vall de Núria’ is a mountain to visit, you can access it by train from Vic to Ribes de Freser: and from Ribes de Freser to Núria with the Rack railway:

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