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About Bouffons

Who are this creatures of the unconscious that come and dwell in our dreams and nightmares? What do they want to tell us? Why? Is there another dimension? Or, how many dimensions are there? These creatures have been around forever, from the native american ‘healers’ to the ‘mad’ and the excluded of our day. It is a dangerous territory as actors have to be careful to not cross the line and indulge  on what it means to be ‘mad’. The so called ‘mental illnesses’ are a very interesting territory.


Bufó3                          Bufó1


In his article in Spanish newspaper ‘La Vanguardia’ Joseba Achotegui says ‘Madness is our genetic reserve of genius. It  is a peculiar alternative wisdom. A crazy person is someone who hasn’t adapted (but only) to our present circumstances, culture, habits and society…In front of a catastrophe, the ‘crazy’ of today could be the one that has the genes that will make him adapt to a providential behavour which could transform him into a charismatic lider, the hero or the genius that could save his people… The diference between a genius and the ‘crazy’ is that the genius comes back from the madness, and the mad doesn’t find the way back. But both have been in the same place’.

You can download the whole article here (you may need google translate as the article is catalan).

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Marian Masoliver – director/teacher at The Actors Space

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