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What people think of The Actors Space and what we teach here.

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“My senses were filled, my creativity re-ignited and energised. I discovered skills i didn’t know i had. Marian and Simon create a safe non judgmental, yet growth environment that allows each student to feel they are contributing something. I absolutely loved it”. Janine Hardy.
‘Simon and Marian, I have fallen in love with the Actors Space! I want to come back for more next year! Thank you for running such a wonderful place and courses! So good for the soul!’. Fiona, France
‘Please keep doing what you are doing. I’ve had a really wonderful experience here. Thank you!’ Sita Pieraccini, Scotland
‘I always meet wonderful people here that have a huge imprint on me. Thank you again for the time, advise, home, friendship and experience that I will cherish always. Wonderful people, tremendous talent. Thank you always and I look forward to the next time.’ Natalie Bellingham, UK
‘Be careful coming to the Actors Space. You may experience many weeks of severe depression when you leave…Only known cure: COME BACK! Each year I come I think that previous year cannot be topped…I am always WRONG!’
Martin Condon, Ireland
‘Feckin Brilliant. Beautiful, Spiritual, Creative, Revealing, Generous, Intelligent, Holistic, Rejuvenating. A complete privilege – I’ll be back with a red nose.’ Claire, Ireland
‘Well this is the end of all three workshops. What a journey it’s been, a life changing experience! And I just can’t thank you all enough’. Ian, UK – The Creative Actor, Screen Acting and The Art of Comedy Courses.
‘Eureka moments of realisation and revelation, time of your life, great social ambience (the whole world is there)!’ Liam, USA
I cannot put into words what The Actors Space has done for me as a person nor as an actor, it is something that can only be experienced to be justified, but I will try. The Actors Space has something special to offer, a magical formula of sorts; one that combines the elements of truth, imagination and play. When the elements are released by the wizards that are Marian and Simon, your soul becomes affected, as does your enthusiasm and passion for life and more specifically: for your craft. A chemical reaction has been realised. Lived. All in the confinements of a paradise. A laboratory of magic. That is, The Actors Space.
Seb Thommen, Ireland
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About ‘The Creative Actor’ Course

creative actor

….I learned so much about what I now say I am passionate about. Thanks for the lifetime memories. I’ll be back!

Stephanie Rutherford, UK

Each exercise we did combined beautifully with the next, I really feel that a lot of work has been accomplished in such a short amount of time.  I am so excited to have this huge amount of newly acquired knowledge to use back in New York and help to become a better actor, creator and writer.

Ashley Lehrer, New York, USA

Thank you for two amazing weeks in which I was able to find my freedom again, the pleasure of the imagination and the surprise of the body responding to it! :). I truly believe the amount of information we got in these weeks is huge and the progress everyone has made is unbelievable. What a wonderful joy to discover a ‘safe zone’ where people from all over the world share dreams and true love for life! Thank you!

Anna, UK

I want to express my gratitude for everything. The content of the workshop has helped me so much to get rid of my fear of using my body. Also for the ambience that you have created, I have never felt so comfortable while performing…these two weeks have given me, without a doubt, so much more than the 6 months I spent in the theatre school in Paris, it has been a very enriching experience and I only have one wish left, to come back next year! Thanks for everything.

Marion, France

‘The Actors Space came highly recommended by a friend and now, I highly recommend it to friends and strangers. I found the Screen Acting workshop very beneficial coming in as a theatre actor. Marian and Simon gave me valuable tools to help me focus, ground and trust myself more. Their knowledge, dedication and patience are top rate. I especially liked feeling I was in a very safe environment to explore and was constantly encouraged to play. I´m a better actor for taking this workshop. Thanks so much to you both.

Stephanie Figueira, Canada

I learned so much in such a short space of time, I can’t wait to apply it to all my future work. I am also delighted to have had the chance to write as it’s an avenue I’ve always wanted to go down and this have given me tips and the confidence to do so.

Ian Sharpe, UK

I come out with a new set of tools. My time here will be in whatever films I do in the future.

Gabriel Foster-Prior, UK

Simon: Thank you for your patience, time and passion. Your love of this art is like the plague. It’s completely revitalised my eagerness to create, nourish and cherish the path I’ve chosen. Marian: I am hugely in awe of what you’ve created, you are truly the mother of this endeavour!

Matilde Ramos Pinto, Portugal

I will take the things I’ve learned back to England with great excitement to apply to my work.

Anna Symes, Ragroof Theatre, UK


About ‘The Art of Comedy’ course

I had the best time ever when I first went to the Actors Space to do my first clown course at 18. I then went back twice at different times in my 20’s. Although I’m not working as an actor now full-time I’m always grateful for the skills I’ve learnt through the journey of learning to move from the inside and believe in the beauty of creation and creativity. Thank you both! Martha Locke, U.K.
‘The Clown workshop has been fantastic, helpful, inspiring and more…I just don’t have the words! It has been an amazing time to be given the freedom to explore clown, comic presence in an open and supportive environment, it is such a treat! I have experienced workshops were I have found it tricky to see how they could really transfer into performance work. This workshop is not like that at all and after working in isolation for a while it has been so exciting and refreshing and new ideas have been brought into life’

Kathryn Bond, Ireland

…the encouragement and trusting environment is like nothing I have experienced before.

Adam Wilson, Ireland

..As a very well known man once said ‘you have taught me how to make people laugh, so I shall proceed accordingly.

Natalie Bellingham UK

I came here with no idea of what to expect and left with a sense of joy and adventure for life. On this workshop, Marian and Simon, took me to places that shone a light on the essence of life! At times it was hard and I learned how much I hold onto the things that get in my way. Marian and Simon teach and guide with honesty and wisdom.

Dave, Ireland

As always your teaching, inspiration and support has been invaluable. This workshop has spurred me onto create more comic creations in ‘clown’ and other sketches and to transfer this discipline into other forms of performance. This place/space is magic.

Nina Smith, UK

Dear Clown Gurus, I will be forever in debt with you. I discovered my Clown and now he is chasing me!

Francisco Gomes, Portugal

‘f you are reading this because you are an actor and have been looking for an acting course to study, your search is over, because you’ve just struck gold! The Actors Space in Vic is the place to go! Situated in the beautiful Barcelona countryside, this summer school is run by two exceptionally talented and creative teachers, Marian Masoliver Comella and Simon Edwards. I have studied The Art of Comedy (Clowning) at The Actors Space over the past two years and the workshops are not only run to the highest of excellence but also offers a totally unique and special experience, certainly unparalleled to any course I had ever studied at before. Over the week of study (although ‘play’ is a more suitable description) I learned about comic timing, relationships in comedy, the clown mask, clown on film and how the clown lives and survives in everyday life (to name just a few things.) Marian and Simon show you how to find your clown which is in all of us! And once you find him/her theres no going back!! The amount of work covered is truly mind boggling but its one helluva fun ride! Unquestionably, my time there has helped my development as an actor enormously. And not only that but you are also guaranteed to have the time of your life with an amazing group of people, basking in the warm mediterranean sun by day and relaxing with friends long into the night under the balmy night skies. Be warned, you will not want to leave.PS. Did I mention that they also have a swimming pool. I rest my case. Do yourself a great favour and go to The Actors Space. Tell them Martin sent you!

Martin Condon, Ireland


About the ‘Directing Performance’ course

directing performance

‘What is there to say? These past three weeks have been some of the best of my life. I will cherish the memories I have of this place and apply the things I have learned for the rest of my life. And what lessons… every day of this Directing course I had breakthrough after breakthrough, revelation after revelation. I feel like I’ve completely changed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope to return someday, hopefully next year!

Liam, Ireland

‘Words fail me now, it has been for me a life changing experience, Thank you!

Adrian, Barcelona

‘Started out Confused and ended up Alive’

Cyan, France

‘I will take a lot from this workshop back to Edinburgh, and as with last year I know a lot will stay with me and help me along my journey’

Gabriel, UK

‘An intensive learning experience…You make The Actors Space an unforgettable journey…Thanks for making it all possible!’

Maria José , Spain

‘I had the best week. I have challenged myself and been rewarded with amazing performances by the tools you have guided us with. I will definitely take on board what I’ve learned and keep on learning. I am coming back next year so, this isn’t the last of me! I feel privileged to have known you and your kind family who provided us with a warm welcome, delicious food and a lovely bed! :)’

Alice Cozza, UK

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you! As last time I came it’s been an amazing experience!…I was really afraid before coming and you’ve made things really easy. You are very inspiring people. Thank you and hope to see you soon :)’

Gisela, Barcelona

‘Thank you Simon and Marian. I have learned a lot, specially useful is the ‘gap’. What happens when expectations meet reality. For my own gap attending these workshops reality  exceeded my expectations. I ended up with a positive gap!

Adam, Ireland

‘This has been so much, much fun, hard work, social interaction and adventure. Thank you’

Terry, Ireland


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