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Jacques Lecoq – About ‘Play’

Marian Masoliver co-founder of The Actors Space, Barcelona

I had the chance to study at L’École Internationale de théatre Jacques Lecoq when Monsieur Lecoq was still alive. I remember him as someone serious about his work. He was rather demanding to us and always pushed us to create good theatre. One of his famous phrases was ‘Bon… on arret là’ which means ‘well, we stop here!’ As soon as an impro didn’t work (which was most of the time) he would stop it.


‘Le Jeu’ or ‘The Play’ was what he always wanted us to find.

‘The whole notion of play is essential to Lecoq’s school. The most important element of play…always seemed to be connected with making the most of whatever material was available theatrically when you were on stage at any particular moment. I think play is about rendering the moment on stage into life – bring it alive – exploiting the moment’. Former Lecoq student Alan Fairbairn

Lecoq defines ‘le Jeu’ like this: ‘when, aware of the theatrical dimension, the actor can shape an improvisation for spectators using rhythm, tempo, space, form’ – Simon Murray’s book Jacques Lecoq.

Simon Edwards was in this class, spot him in the picture!

This picture with Jacques Lecoq was taken in 1990 when Simon Edwards, co-founder of The Actors Space, was studying at his school in Paris. Spot Simon…

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