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Our Approach

Our aim is to empower the actor to be fully free to play.

Many things are involved in acting; it is not just about technique. The fun and the freedom that one can experience through acting are essential for the delivery of a strong performance. We know that to get to that place where the actor is free to play we have to cultivate a strong sense of trust and a solid foundation of fun and safety… we support these by sharing skills and techniques that we have learned and acquired over many years of experience.

This combination, along with an incredible location, is unique to the Actors Space.

Simon and Marian


But we know that the ‘real’ Actors Space is the inner world of the audience. Even though we are making work for the stage or screen, it is only fully born within each individual viewer, in their imagination, emotions, beliefs and innermost unspoken thoughts. To aspire to inhabit this terrain requires careful preparation and respectful technique. The awareness that we are touching peoples’ inner worlds is our point of departure. For us it is a wonderful opportunity and a privilege to be involved with this alive and growing work.



Our feedback is honest and truthful, yet always constructive. In this environment the actor feels supported, safe and not judged.

Throughout these acting courses we develop a relationship with each individual, taking them through their own personal journey. Everyone has different needs; we ‘read’ those needs and give each student the necessary tools when required.

This approach gives the actor a chance to try new things without fear and even to get it wrong. Through encouragement, enjoyment of the work and the right techniques and discipline, each individual is guided to a place of genuine creation.


These acting courses and workshops are intensive. As actors and teachers we have a very high standard of work, which helps the group learn and develop quickly. In a short period of time the students create great work.

Working in this way we have seen participants blossom time and time again.



filming scene

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