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Our Teaching

This training nurtures the creativity of the performer and places the actor at the centre of dramatic creation.

We are practitioners who teach. The techniques we share at the Actors Space have been developed from over 60 years of combined professional experience as actors, directors and teachers. We offer hands on physical theatre and screen actor training which at it’s core, is inspired by working with Jacques Lecoq at his international school in Paris.

What is essential in the training is to get the participant to engage with ‘Le Jeu’ (or ‘Play’). Lecoq defines ‘Le Jeu’- “When, aware of the theatrical dimension, the actor can shape an improvisation for spectators using rhythm, tempo, space and form”.



pointing exercise

‘Play’ is connected with making the most of any particular moment dramatically. It is about rendering the moment fully into life on stage. To achieve this the actor has to train their body, imagination and creativity. We do this by exploring the actors dramatic presence and the nature and dynamics of conflict; The push and the pull, contraction and expansion, crescendo, rhythm, space, complicity, etc… The work focusses in like a micro scope to reveal the essence of dramatic situation and the interplay of the forces involved. This is what we call the ‘dramatic motor’. With this connection and awareness of the motor of a scene the actor is free to play.

Also, we ask the question “What do you want to say”? To develop style with no content is a fruitless act. We encourage  artistic risks to be taken and together we seek poetic depths to be explored. We are after all creating work that mirrors life itself.

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Ultimately our aim is to empower the actor to create meaningful work. We do this by developing their understanding of all the elements involved, the writing, direction and acting. We call this the ‘creative triangle’.


About the teachers

Simon Edwards and Marian Masoliver


Marian Masoliver (Spain) and Simon Edwards (UK) met in 1989 while studying with Lecoq in Paris. After 20 years of professional experience as actors and directors touring around the world they established The Actors Space. The famous three Actors Space rules ‘enjoy. enjoy, enjoy!’ have become synonymous with everything they do and resonate with everyone who they have taught.

‘I sometimes find the idea of remembering the joy a little silly, I create because I love to. But actually so often day to day and specifically in auditions since the workshop I find myself actively making the decision to relax, to have fun and to revel in playing. It’s a treat!’ Anna Brooks-Beckman, UK

Along with their own theatre and film creations, Simon and Marian have provided specialist training for actors, theatre companies, performing arts colleges, universities and theatre schools all around the world.

Simon and Marian have also worked with top Hollywood directors, producers and script writers such as Robert McKee, David Yates, Blake Snyder, Mark Travis, Michael Wiese, Collin Rogers (Ex BBC Deputy Head of Drama.) Some of their students and work colleagues include: Sergi Lopez; top comedy Spanish TV actors Toni Albá, Jordi Rios and Edu Soto; BBC Fame Academy winner Alex Parks and the 2013 Funny Women Award winner Nina Smith etc…

Actors Space has also worked with the following organisations:

Kneehigh theatre (U.K.)
The Market Theatre Laboratory (South Africa)
Los Titiriteros Puppet Theatre (U.S.A.)
Canaillen Bagagge (Germany)
The Hub Theatre school (U.K.)
Winchester University College (U.K.)
Exeter University (U.K.)
Estudis de Teatre (Spain)
Aula de Teatre de Lleida (Spain)
El Galliner Theatre School (Girona)
Bonts International Clown School (Spain)
University of Taos, New Mexico (U.S.A.)
Incandescence Circus Theatre (U.K.)
West Coast Films (U.K.)
Brainstorm Films (U.K.)
I.M.D. Films (U.K.)
Zenith Theatre (U.K.)
Awen Productions (U.K.)
Fadjr International Theatre Festival (Iran)
University of Vic (Barcelona)
Kinsale College of further education
The Institute of Theatre ( Barcelona)
And more…


Find out more about your teachers, their approach and their work: Simon and Marian.

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