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A review about The Art of Comedy Workshop

By Natasha Elmir

”The art of comedy helped me explore a side to my acting  that I never new existed. It gave me tools to tap into a playground within, and suddenly I had a new world I could bring to the surface. Apart from learning and developing and finding my comedic presence, I have been able to transport many of those layers into my dramatic acting as well. 

I recommend it to anyone who has felt more comfortable in dramatic roles and has been afraid to discover that clown within. 

The course was both so much fun and serious. And whenever I fell, which was a lot, I knew I was in very safe hands. I would do it again and again.”

The Creative Actor Workshop – a review from Neema Lahon.

“I’ve been working as a professional actor in Barcelona for the past 6 years. In every project I’ve been involved with, I’ve heard the Actors Space brought up in conversation. Intrigued, I decided to ask previous students about their experience and received a barrage of positive reviews. I decided to do the Creative Actor to freshen up my acting skills and learn a new technique.

The moment I arrived I can see why everyone sang the Actors Spaces’ praise. Situated on the most idillic private grounds and surrounded by nature, a sense of calm washes over you. This place has an incredible energy that clears the stress of hectic city life and prepares you to dive into an artistic realm.
The Creative Actor course was much more than I expected. It takes your skills as a practitioner to another level. The course is designed to start simply, as each day you build on techniques you’ve explored the day before. By the end of the course you have created layered and sophisticated work using all the elements such as levels of tensions, mask work, physicality and improvisation, to name but a few. I learnt an immense amount in just the week I was there. Despite being an experienced performer I found this course eye-opening because it helped me understand the essence of performance.
During the course I discovered that I had comic skills that I wasn’t aware of. In the 10 years of studying and performing in theatre I had never been given the creative freedom I experienced at The Actors Space which enabled me to make that discovery.
I will be forever grateful for Simon and Marian’s inspirational teaching, encouragement and support”.
Neema Lahon, London.