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The Power of Masks – A Masterclass

The Mask, a fundamental tool for Theatre and essential for actor training…acting with Masks structures and simplifies Play…It lifts movement and text above the naturalistic,  filtering the essential while ignoring the anecdotal… Acting becomes ample, simple and elemental… When playing a Mask the actor cannot use the body or the voice as we do in everyday life, physical attitudes are needed! …So, what is a physical attitude? To compose the body in such a way that the actor gives the illusion of another character, animal, object, action, state, emotion, passion…’

These are all words by Ana Vazquez de Castro, a great Spanish theatre practitioner that had, amongst many other great theatre masters, the same great teacher as myself, Jacques Lecoq.

I completely concur with her…and I admire her. I would have like to know her, unfortunately she passed away last year…

Acting technique can be taught and Masks are great for that; but there is something that cannot be taught which fascinates me…and that is ‘ Play’ (with capital P). Rare and delightful… It is undefinable because, it is an essence, a feeling, an energy that contains in it a great power, unique, simple and beautiful…and you cannot make an actor ‘repeat that’, it is as unique and alive as each breath because it only lives in the moment…



If you understand Spanish I recommend watching the video bellow. It is 1:30 min. For those who like me are passionate about physical theatre it is a must see. Just sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy this Masterclass – from Neutral Mask to Commedia Dell’Arte, a real treat to watch, such is Ana Vazquez’s talent…and not just technically but also in ‘Play’ (with capital P). It is not easy what she does because she is alone on stage (so who do you play with)? If you don’t understand Spanish you can jump to 1:16:29 and watch a delightful scene between Arlecchino and Arlecchineta (her own creation) in which she uses ‘Pantomime Blanche’, or you can watch a a sketch of Otello in which she plays 4 characters (full Masks, no text) from min  57:45


‘it is your creativity which ultimately will be the key to freedom’ – Ana Vazquez de Castro

Thank you Ana for sharing your great knowledge and insight.


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The Excitment of Simplicity!

I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a while, just a bit too busy these days, writing scripts, directing shows and teaching Mask work to Actors. I must admit, I am having fun.

The other day I was listening to Prem Rawat at his address in Barcelona talking about Success.

Here is how it goes ( and I am paraphrasing): First you have to have the Thirst, then Commitment comes. From your effort comes Knowledge and from Knowledge comes Understanding. From Understanding comes Simplicity which takes you to Success.IMG_7282opt

Not long ago I was teaching a Commedia Dell’Arte class and I felt that I had reached Simplicity in my teaching. It was a very rewarding experience. In this Simplicity, which comes from Understanding, wich comes from Knowledge, which comes from Commitment, which comes from Thirst, there was Success.

Impro: 2 Characters come into a certain Space. The actors come in and they ‘act’, but have no clue what they are doing and why they are there. They are totally uprooted and panicking, pretending that the Character is panicking but I can see that it is not the Character, but the Actor who is struggling to find the play.

-Stop. The teachers help is needed.

Character 1: What does he want?

Character 2: What does she want?

Ask these questions to the actors and help them make the best desitions (make the wants are as far as possible from each other…He wants to ask her to marry him, she wants to break up!) Voilà! The birth of Drama!!

Simplicity is a powerfull thing and it’s so exciting once you touch it!

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