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What do you want to say?

Marian Masoliver Director/Teacher of The Actors Space

In an era where the ‘do it your self’ is possible and happening more and more, I ask a question to creators of Theatre and Film: What do you want to say? And, does it come across? It is an obvious question but let’s think about it: I am going to be putting a lot of energy, time and money in a project that will be, hopefully, received by an audience. I need to consider them! Is it interesting and is it understandable?

As the late great script writer Blake Snyder used to say “a film script should be understandable by a cave man”, Ugg…!!!

It was a privilege to host Blake when he came to run a Script Writing workshop at The Actors Space in 2008. See ‘Save the Cat’, his practical book on script writing structure.

The question ‘what do you want to say?’ is an important one. And more so these days, there is so much to say!!! Theatre and Film has always acted as a mirror of life itself.  What is going on? What do we need to think about? What are the priorities of a Human Being? Simple but so important…

One cannot separate acting from writing and directing. We call it the Creative Triangle, a powerful principle…

There are only some places left on the International Theatre and Film Acting workshops at The Actors Space

The Art of Hosting Through Play

I am so excited about The Art of Hosting coming to The Actors Space this coming June! I am looking forward to learning about how to invite practices that inspire positive change in the community, how to host conversations that matter, how to harvest the collective intelligence and how to take wise action that lasts! And all of this will be deepened (is this a word? Sorry, I am Catalan…) by play!

This is the first time that this workshop comes to Barcelona region. I am very happy to invite my community to this workshop as I feel it will be so beneficial for everyone.

527181_10151407836693311_1695714502_nAt The Actors Space we like to collaborate with like-minded partners that complement our mission. We are committed to co-creative partnerships that create and inspire positive change in the individual and society.

From the Art of Hosting web: “The challenges of these times call for collective intelligence. We must co-create the solutions we seek. The Art of Hosting pattern and practice is based on our assumptions that it is common sense to bring people together in conversation when you seek new solutions for the common good. We believe that when human beings are invited to work together on what truly matters to them, they will take ownership and responsibility for moving their issues and ideas into wiser actions that lasts”.


“The Art of Hosting and harvesting conversations that matter is a new practice of democracy that we really need in the world now.” Phil Cass, CEO, Columbus Medical Association and Foundation, Ohio, USA

“The art of hosting is a practice that heals the broken relationships between people.”- EU Commission official.

To find out about this course and register please visit: or the Facebook event or contact me at