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What people say about The Actors Space

If you are reading this because you are an actor and have been looking for an acting course to study, you’re search is over, because you’ve just struck gold!

The Actors Space in Vic is the place to go! Situated in the beautiful Barcelona countryside, this summer school is run by two exceptionally talented and creative teachers, Marian Masoliver Comella and Simon Edwards. I have studied The Art of Comedy (Clowning) at The Actors Space over the past two years and the workshops are not only run to the highest of excellence but also offers a totally unique and special experience, certainly unparalleled to any course I had ever studied at before.

Over the two weeks of study (although ‘play’ is a more suitable description) I learned about comedy timing, relationships in comedy, the clown mask, clown on film and how the clown lives and survives in everyday life (to name just a few things.)

Marian and Simon show you how to find your clown which is in all of us! And once you find him/her there’s no going back!! The amount of work covered in the two weeks is truly mind

Martin Condon

boggling but its one helluva fun ride! Unquestionably, my time there has helped my development as an actor enormously. And not only that but you will also guaranteed to have the time of your life with an amazing group of people, basking in the warm mediterranean sun by day and relaxing with friends long into the night under the balmy night skies. Be warned, you will not want to leave.

Ps. Did I mention that they also have an outdoor swimming pool. I rest my case. Do yourself a great favour and go to The Actors Space. Tell them Martin sent you!

Some places still available on The International Theatre and Film Summer courses 

Jacques Lecoq – About ‘Play’

Marian Masoliver co-founder of The Actors Space, Barcelona

I had the chance to study at L’École Internationale de théatre Jacques Lecoq when Monsieur Lecoq was still alive. I remember him as someone serious about his work. He was rather demanding to us and always pushed us to create good theatre. One of his famous phrases was ‘Bon… on arret là’ which means ‘well, we stop here!’ As soon as an impro didn’t work (which was most of the time) he would stop it.


‘Le Jeu’ or ‘The Play’ was what he always wanted us to find.

‘The whole notion of play is essential to Lecoq’s school. The most important element of play…always seemed to be connected with making the most of whatever material was available theatrically when you were on stage at any particular moment. I think play is about rendering the moment on stage into life – bring it alive – exploiting the moment’. Former Lecoq student Alan Fairbairn

Lecoq defines ‘le Jeu’ like this: ‘when, aware of the theatrical dimension, the actor can shape an improvisation for spectators using rhythm, tempo, space, form’ – Simon Murray’s book Jacques Lecoq.

Simon Edwards was in this class, spot him in the picture!

This picture with Jacques Lecoq was taken in 1990 when Simon Edwards, co-founder of The Actors Space, was studying at his school in Paris. Spot Simon…

Early bird finishing on the 21st of March for the Actors Space Residential Summer Theatre and Film workshops