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Female Clowns, are we funny?

I have heard so many times that women are not as funny as men. Is it true? Why?

Over the years I have seen many funny women on the stage…sweet, wild and scary  female Clowns. All sorts… Also, in my memory, I have flashes of brilliant  improv scenes here at the Actors Space performed by women.

Somehow though it seems that comedy is more natural amongst our brothers..(please understand that I am writing this post in the spirit of fun)! Men’s bodies are funnier than female ones (with dangling bits all over the place), they seem a little bit more ‘stupid’ than us, they space out easier, are often late and cannot find anything around the house:
-Darling, where is the butter?
-In the fridge, love…
-I can’t see it…
-Top shelf on the right.
Then we get up open the fridge and sure enough FIRST THING our eyes meet is the butter…!!! Some things don’t have explanations.

Women give birth, bring children up and hope that the men will play their part. We suffer!
I admire men though, because their capacity for pain seems less. Lucky bastards! Everything seems easier for them! The more testosterone the lower the level of intelligence. Nature, being supremely intelligent, has done it that way because men are the ones that are supposed to fight and when you fight it’s best not to think, just feel the rage and go for it!

Nonetheless I have come to the conclusion that women can be very funny, they just need the self-confidence and an opportunity! After all, as nature has it, we are physically more vulnerable and comedy is about vulnerability right?!

Even though I say these things I love men. What would the world be like without you? Just women and little girls, can you imagine? Scary…

This is a trailer of ‘Giulietta’ a Clown show by Pepa Plana (in Catalan).

I would like to open a debate so I invite you to comment. Come on let’s have some fun!  We want to know your opinion! Do you know any funny women? How are they funny? and men? How is comedy different for the two sexes?

Here is the link to the 2012 Vienna female clown Festival (starting this December).

The ‘Art of Comedy‘ workshops in Ireland are filling up! Only waiting list available for Cork, some places available in Dublin.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!