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Summer season over…feelling satisfied!

Marian Masoliver, Director of The Actors Space

What makes an actor a good actor? Is it innate talent? Is it experience? Is it training?

Innate talent is important but not enough in itself. Experience plays a BIG role in it.

Training is also essential. But of course training is just training. It will give you the tools (we need them) and the foundation (which better be strong if you want the building to last). And once you finish your training and go out there? Is it different in the ‘real’ world? At the school all the infrastructure and support is there for you (all you have to do is listen, apply, keep trying and have fun)! In the real world it is not! You have to find it, build it, make it your self! Audacity plays a big role.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone that came this year to The Actors Space. Thanks for your presence, the fun you brought into the work, the creativity, and the feedback!

Some days ago we finished our 14th summer season of the International Theatre and Film workshops: 7 weeks of intensive training, 4 workshops with full attendance with participants from all over the world: Australia, America, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, U.K, Finland, Russia, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and South Africa (apologies if I forget some countries). Truly a global encounter (it still amazes me the variety of participants that come here for a special retreat!). They slept, eat, swam in the pool, sang, chatted, played, snored and stargazed in our farm. And of course did 7 hours of intensive training everyday… After that I needed a rest!

…but now I am fully recovered, inspired and feeling rather energised.

I have started teaching Drama at the University, and next week I will start directing a play and am developing my own creative project. I feel very excited about all this!

As for The Actors Space what’s next?  The Art of Comedy, led by Simon Edwards is happening in Dublin (16th, 17th, 18th Nov) and Cork (23rd, 24th, 25th Nov).

‘Clown on Camera’ exercise

Other countries on the cards for workshops during the winter are: South West UK (Plymouth and Falmouth) and possibly Australia, other places in the UK, Portugal and Jordan.

We look forward to the future, with improvements and excitement. We want to keep on learning and growing as artists (and as human beings!). Always…!

All the very best to all!

PS: The dates for our new workshops for the summer 2013 are already available (click on each workshop to find details).