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New Boots

New Boots is a short film conceived and written by a group of women who came together to share their experiences and raise awareness of domestic violence.

This is a powerful short film produced in Cornwall by Denzil Monk (Awen Productions) and directed by Simon Edwards from The Actors Space (Barcelona).

Click here to find out about the Acting for Camera workshop at The Actors Space.

The Feldenkrais Method

Marian Masoliver

I am very happy to announce that Shelagh O’Neill will be teaching a Feldenkrais workshop at The Actors Space this July!  I took this workshop last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you feel like you need a new body and mind I recommend this course! After a week of veeery relaxing stuff I felt completely regenerated, energised and could move like  an 8-year-old!  Great technique to release the body of actors.  Check this link for details.

This is what Shelagh has to say  about Feldenkrais:

The Feldenkrais Method focuses on movement, and yet is about much more than that. It is about the development of flexibility, of mind and body, of the person as a whole. Understanding the connection between living a full life and optimum movement, Moshe Feldenkrais was looking for flexible minds rather than flexible bodies.

Learning with awareness

A first experience of Feldenkrais is often of relaxation, the starting point for learning. From this starting point we use awareness as a tool and a process. Through awareness we widen our sense and knowledge of the self, and, amazingly, find that actions change as a result.

My actions – like yours – are started and up-dated by constant feedback to my nervous system. The Feldenkrais Method actively uses this process to reconnect me with the possibility of intensive learning I had as an infant, when every day was a step towards more knowledge, more mobility and more useful intelligence.

Updating and adapting

This constant process can be limited by age, and can be sidetracked by shock, illness or injury. Through touch, or the following of specific verbal instructions, anyone working with the Method can increase awareness, and the ability to adapt according to the demands of the moment.

We begin to solve problems better. We become more efficient – more elegant – more human. The impact of aging, shock, illness and/or injury lessens and changes. Life becomes more worth living.

Through movement, you remember how to know, from internal feedback, where you are, and what you are doing. You learn to use the feedback from your movement to improve what you do. This comes from developing your awareness of what you are actually doing, rather than from paying attention to what you want to do.

Coming home

Many people feel a “coming home” when they remember how to pay attention like this. Lessons can lead to real shifts in understanding the self in relation to the world, often feeling like an inexplicable pleasure. The experience of knowing oneself in this way seems to open up understanding of wider life issues, while overtly focussing on the practicalities of moving better.

Actors, musicians, sportsmen and women, come to improve performance. Artists often find the work generates creativity and spontaneity.

Thanks Shelagh for coming again! Really looking forward to it.