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Clowning: The Art of Now

Marian Masoliver

What the Clown expects is not what happens. Because reality happens ONLY in the now. Expectations are only that: expectations (they have nothing to do with reality)…

And so the vulnerability comes…the Clown is in conflict with everything: his costume, his shoes, the objects arround him, the space, the fly that is bothering him, his own body, the being next to him, his own mind, the world! Literally everything can be a theme for the Clown!

Innocently he tries to deal with “reality” and things get worst..! Does it sound familiar? Welcome to the Human Race… And this is why the audience laughs because we recognise it! The laughter of the audience is a gift and so the Clown plays WITH the audience (not just FOR the audience). The art of NOW, every reaction, every living moment is to be experienced. Delicately the Clown joins with the audience and the audience joins with the Clown!

Here is a little Gem from two of our participants of The Clown workshop.

The wife wants her husband to be a Hero and instead he is a Loser!

The husband (the loser) is an innocent who is doing his best but he is not hitting the mark for her (only if she understood who he really is!, but she is too full of her own ideas about who he should be…!).

This is the premise of Twilight Cabaret by Hart and Punch. I had the chance to see a bit of the working process yesterday. How simple and fun…Directed by Simon Edwards from The Actors Space and played by Caroline Hart and Damian Punch, two wonderful comic actors.

The director is looking for motors of play and antagonistic forces and, as he suggests the scenes, writing starts to happens… The more the actors are anchored in the NOW the more is found. Listening, letting things unfold, reacting to what is there, or not there!

The inspiration comes from reality, a credit card debt, the threat of being fired, one big ultimate problem is enough (from which all others grow), and I find myself laughing even though it’s rather tragic! This two human beings don’t seem to be able to get along and yet they are husband and wife! Cannot live with and cannot live without.

If you have the chance, go and see the Show, this guys are so much fun…! Here is a link to their project  which, if you like, you can support.

As always, keep enjoying! Lol.