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Tell me and I may Forget, Show me and I may Remember, Involve me and I will Understand!

Marian Masoliver

– ‘Don’t touch this, it is hot!!!’- followed by an explanation…

But curiosity is greater than the mother’s reasoning and eventually, one day, the child touches the burning pan… Then feels the pain, doesn’t like it and learns not to ever touch it again (at least for a while…).

Clown Impro at The Actors Space

In the same way we could spend hours talking about Theatre, acting techniques and bla, bla ,bla… but the best way for an actor to learn the skill of acting is through experience, PRACTICAL experience. Which leads to Understanding (what a beautiful word…when we understand it feels like a little light being turned on inside.. ).

Same applies to directors. The body must understand as well, not just the mind. To listen, to question, to try…to trust the senses and your ‘creative intuition’… And what I call ‘creative intuition’ is that feeling that makes one play, react, be alive in the moment, with the space, with the audience and with the other characters. And when this happens it is a blast for the actor! Part of the director’s job is to nourish this, so that the actors can find that freedom and the joy of ‘playing’ within a solid structure.

I read the title of this blog in a leaflet by a the theatre company called Graffiti Theatre Company. They are an Irish Educational Theatre Company that I heard good things about: ‘Tell me and I may Forget, Show me and I may Remember, Involve me and I will Understand’! As a teacher, director and mother I  agree!

Yes, I have to say it, this is our approach as well at The Actors Space:

Family photo of the first Directing Performance Workshop we did at The Actors Space (3 years ago). Thanks to everyone that came directors and actors, it was a blast!

‘Involve me and I will understand’. This is the third year that we are running our Directing Performance workshop, it has always been a blast and I am really looking forward to it this year as well!

Happy travels (even if you are staying at home)!