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Welcome to The Actors Space Blog

Marian Masoliver- Teacher, Director.
When I was little I wanted to be a dancer until I discovered the power of theatre and how good it felt to be angry on stage. At primary school I had a fantastic drama teacher, Joan Anguera (today a renowned Catalan actor). My big success came when I played Satan at the age of 8 for the school Christmas play.

During my childhood I spend a lot of time at my family’s farm. I remember the Shepard, an old man with a wrinkled, dark face and huge ears. He was wild, knew about the weather and had a female dog that looked like a black sheep. One day I found her breast feeding a piglet! One of my favourite things was to put my hand inside the mouth of the baby calves, they didn’t have any teeth and would suck and suck onto my hand…It produced a feeling of both danger and pleasure in me (something I also experience in performance)…

At 17 I went to study Theatre in Barcelona and from there to Paris to train with Jacques Lecoq at his international theatre school. There I met my partner Simon Edwards.

Lecoq was followed by 10 years of working as an actress: I travelled across half of the planet and had a thrilling bohemian lifestyle. At 22 I was hanging naked from a crane in the middle of ‘les Rambles’ in Barcelona with The Theatre Company ‘La Fura dels Baus’. While touring with Kneehigh Theatre in one of the shows that Simon directed, I ended up in the township of Soweto in South Africa. In New Mexico I played in community centres and old peoples homes with the Puppet Theatre “Los Titiriteos”  (which my dear sister runs).

One day, as if by magic, the animals of the farm left. And the actors came…!!!

Simon and I rolled up our sleeves and transformed this place into our artistic adventure.

It’s been 14 years and I feel that The Actors Space is more alive than ever. We must have done around 50 international workshops, with approximately 1000 participants from over 50 different countries (you can click here to find out about this years workshops).There has been a lot going on here, Theatre, Film, Clowning (of course), Artists, Musicians, Flamenco, Magicians and Feldenkrais to mention some. Many shows and films have been made. One thing I know: it’s been fun! My future plans? To continue walking the path of artistic creation, and, hopefully, say something worth saying to the world.

I am now directing an outdoor Mask Theatre Show. It will be performed during Carnival to an audience of 4000 people. Fun, fun, fun!…

Simon Edwards- Teacher, Director.
A blog? What exactly is a blog, it sounds like something my cat might do in the corner of the room if she were locked in all night.

You will have to forgive me, I think Im suffering from cabin fever (not to be confused with cabin phobia which is fear of small buildings, two completely different things).

OK,  so the plan is to share on this ‘blog’ some of our creative adventures and experience, including tips, techniques and videos so that this can be a further resource for training and creative expression.

This is a little taster of something I am working on at the moment.

I’ve been creating shows for more than 30 years and I have to say that something extraordinary is happening. A revolution is unfolding in the way that we connect and communicate with each other. This phenomena is clearly visible (on the political side of things) with those recent shifts of power around the world. From an artistic point of view new horizons are appearing. As Jung pointed out we are way too dependent on science and technology, civilisation needs art to help guide the way…. This more so than ever in this age, as we risk becoming corrupted by the art of power rather than freed by the power of art.

It’s a very exciting time to be creating work, with the new technology for making and sharing dramatic art now being more accessible than ever. It’s time to get into action, to get going with all those creative projects that we have only been able to dream about until recently. There is an opportunity for creative artists to get their work across to a previously unimaginably huge audience, by passing the established hierarchies of tv and film and being able to share directly with ‘your’ audience. This of course also applies to theatre artists, as by engaging online with the audience you can get them to know about the next show and share when they can see it.

It all comes down to two things WHAT do you want to share and HOW? How creative do you want to be?

For Marian and I The Actors Space has been a dream come true and as we continue to realise that dream we aspire to help other artists realise their creative dreams also!

If you have any comments or questions to ask (personal or professional) please post them below and we will try to answer as swiftly as possible. Happy new year of the Dragon!!!

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